About People and Police for Egypt  

People and Police for Egypt (PPE) is a Non-Governmental Organization established on September 9, 2007, and registered under number 7089.

Organizational Scope of Work

People and Police for Egypt was established with the main objective of improving the deteriorating trust and relationship between the Egyptian man of the street and the Egyptian Police Force, which in turn requires higher performance levels and cooperation from both sides.  PPE’s objectives are indicated within its work scopes as follows:

  • Increasing awareness on both levels (police force & citizens) regarding their social development responsibilities via workshops and lectures involving both sides.
  • Working on increasing trust between both players through encouraged dual engagement.
  • Increasing the Egyptian citizen and police officer’s security culture through periodic workshops, sessions, and newsletters.
  • Providing the Egyptian Police Force with all necessary financial, cultural, social, and research support needed to develop and accelerate work levels within the force.
  • Injecting the society and police force with shots of the significance of each to the other; i.e. the importance of realizing that both co-exist peacefully with the objective of serving the well being of this country.  These doses can be introduced through press campaigns and open discussion sessions with all social levels.
  • Dissolving the psychological barrier existing between the man of the street and the police force by pre-identifying conflicts and avoiding them.
  • Supervising the psychological therapy of crime victims to assist in rebuilding healthy, socially responsible citizens.
  • Creating and upgrading a healthy working environment for the police officer in order to increase his productivity and achieve a higher and more stable level of performance.
  • Developing the police force’s social involvement and engagement.
  • Providing social assistance to the police officers and their families.
  • Establishing a newsletter.